North Fork Roasting Company

Small batch specialty coffee roasters located in the heart of the North Fork, Southold New York, serving some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste. They also serve breakfast and lunch sourced from local farms and bakeries.

1943 Pizza Bar

In 1943 Casablanca won Best Picture, the New York Yankees won the World Series, and, with FDR in office, we were winning the war overseas. Immigrants had brought pizza to our country at the turn of the century, but it was our boys who, after Italy surrendered, brought home a passionate hunger & appreciation for this culinary marvel. It was in 1943 that pizza as it is known today across the United States was truly born. Here we celebrate that great homecoming every day. We even have a World War II soldier of our own still in service, the inspiration for our restaurant – the 1943 International truck known as Rolling In Dough.


New American small plates emphasizing local ingredients plus a raw bar in a modern storefront space.

Frisky Oyster

Behind the modern facade is a creative American bistro boasting local ingredients & a hipster vibe.

American Beech

American Beech is a modern American restaurant inspired by the farming, fishing and viticulture industries of the North Fork and the eclectic cultures and cuisines of the surrounding regions. The menu showcases market-fresh and local ingredients of the highest quality designed to be an everyday neighborhood restaurant with something for everyone.


“Lucharitos” can be loosely translated to mean “little fighter.” Using that as inspiration, images of authentic Mexican wrestlers were spread throughout the bar. The custom built bar is awesome and the food is delicious.

Little Creek Oyster Bar

The little shack in the heart of Greenport Village has seen a fair share of time and tides. It began life as the wheelhouse of a great whaling ship until that fishery faded into history. It was cut off and brought ashore in 1880.
Now it houses Little Creek Oyster Farm Market where you can shuck your own oysters (instructions and tools included).  The shop also provides picnic supplies, saltwater flies, handmade tackle and other unique durable goods will available to round out the offerings. Due to the inclusive approach, other small growers and farmers will have the opportunity to showcase the fruits of their labor as well.
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