Greenport: The Better Side of Life

Life inspired on the other side of the island. Greenport feeds your spirit, your soul, and helps you connect to community, nature, and adventure.

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Where Things Grow

In Greenport, nature is on full display. It's a place where you can get back in touch with the land.

There is A Community to Know

For four centuries Greenport has drawn pioneering settlers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. People with a passion for all that Greenport has to offer.

Where Time Goes Slow

Come to Greenport to unplug, escape, and reconnect with the nature that surrounds you.

Adventure is in Tow

We’re not just a seaside hotel, we’re a place that inspires exploration, activity, and all-around fun. Let the adventure begin at Sound View Greenport.

And A Place to Feed Your Soul

At the Halyard, we celebrate our region’s produce and bring it to your plate—direct from foragers and farmers, growers and fishermen.