The Kidwell Sisters

January 25-February 3

As classically and theatrically trained singers and actors, The Kidwell Sisters have been able to use their experience to bring professional quality performances to the streets of Manhattan. Out of work through the beginning of the Pandemic, they married their necessity and creativity to create an unconventional career. Working together for the first time, they have put together a show that has stopped many New Yorkers in their tracks, reminding them that if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere.

The Sammy Buttons Experience

February 6-February 15

A fourth generation piano/keyboard player, following in the footsteps of his great grandfather, grandfather, father, and all of his siblings, Sammy Buttons has loved music all his life. From jam sessions in the 80s to working pre-production for local artists in the back of his courier service office, music has been a lifelong passion. When the pandemic began, Sammy made the decision to change his path. In that time Sammy realized he could make a living playing music and as the city began to reopen, he had to choose between reopening his courier business, or delve into a new journey in his life. He chose the latter.

In the short time since he began busking, Sammy has met a variety of talented musicians, including Bernell Jones who is joining him for the Uncommon Sound Residency. So here they are. Playing private parties, to hotel gigs, to different venue gigs...Living a new dream...