Welcome the Weekend

Breathe deep friend, today is all about you. Inspiration is more than a feeling — it’s a place on the map. Start your day with a peaceful walk or meditation on the Sound, just a few steps away from your guest room. When you're ready to explore, head east to Lavender By The Bay – this scenic, 17 acre lavender farm in East Marion explodes with color each summer. Breathe in the healing scents of lavender and bask in the beauty of rows of purple flowers.

Keep Breathing

Or maybe getting out isn't really for you. Maybe you'd rather hang back at the hotel, and if so, an open air yoga class will have you feeling fine. Choose from daily yoga classes in our yoga room overlooking the Sound during the week or on our pool deck on weekends. Breathe deep in our cedar sauna tucked in our fitness room, or follow the path down to our pool or private beach for some R&R. Soak up the summer sunshine as the Sound's waves lull you into a mid-day, much needed nap.

Treat(ment) Yourself

Take your wellness weekend to the next level with an in-room massage to work out sore muscles and relax your body, or visit our Salt Live Energized pop up spa for a halotherapy treatment. The benefits of halotherapy include cleaning your lungs of city air pollution, allowing you to better absorb oxygen and increasing your red blood cell production. It also increases your happy hormone, dopamine. Go ahead, treat yourself from the inside out.

Plan Your Wellness Weekend

Your moment of zen awaits: plan your weekend of wellness today. Morning walks on the beach, open air yoga, in-room massages and Salt Live Energized halotherapy will have you renewed by Sunday.