To be human is to belong


We facilitate human interaction. We weave appropriate current conversations into programs that are all about public participation and engagement. We connect cultural movements into national, regional and hyper local communities, sharing world views, beloved activities and most importantly, smiles.

At our core is a belief that going to new places & meeting new people has the potential to lessen fear and grow compassion, empathy and respect for others.

We are an invitation to explore people, places, passion and principles.

We also want to remind everyone, that culture is ours; it’s not a painting on the wall, it is living in a location. The art is a tribute and celebration of that living.


Professional Meeting Spaces


The Fireside Series is a complementary weekly conversation, where a leader in the conversation of culture shares insights into their world, their work and their lives. During the warmer months join us on our private beach & during those cooler months we gather around the fireplace in the Halyard. Past series brought us Sur Rodney, Stephanie Goto, Waris Ahluwalia, Thomas Dyja, Gregory Wessner, Jonathan Rosen, Brie Ruais, Nona Faustine, Eric Shiner, Brendan Fernandes, and Randall Griffey.

Discussing topics of inspiration, the impact of politics and the pandemic on culture, and how very often it is artistic expression that becomes the agent for change. The objective of the program is to connect in a more personal way, with folks who may think they are not part of the “conversation of culture.” As hoteliers we believe our part is to give people the opportunity to explore, to relate, to connect and to know “that to be human is to belong.” Keep an eye out for upcoming series.

Contact Sound View Greenport Reservations at (631) 477-1910 or email to add your name to the list.


Celebrations Begin in Park City


Uncommon Sound Residency

Their passion took them to the streets, our passion brought them to Greenport.

Music has always been part of the DNA of Sound View Greenport and our residency programs. First established with Joe’s Pub, part of the Public Theater, we originally combined musicians with our uncommon art program, but the work and the experiences for musicians are very different. So we are giving them their own voice.

As a part of the Artist Residency program we offer a weeklong (sometimes longer) stay for musicians to create their own magic.



From when the doors first opened in 2017, Sound View Greenport and now The Anvil Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming have worked to be havens for creatives. But it wasn’t just being another residency it was also about community, collaboration and connection. Over the next five years we have had contemporary artists, composers, musicians and craftsmen live and work under one roof looking at what happens to artist style with the influence of location and companionship. Applications for Greenport Art Residency are OPEN – Please email